We have heard from many of our patients about the current recall of the diabetes medication Metformin. In these situations, it’s perfectly understandable to have questions and concerns. So in order to clear up any confusion on the situation, our own healthcare provider, Melanie Lacy, FNPC, CPNP-AC, is here to help provide the essential facts that our patients should be aware of regarding the recall.

The first thing to know is that this recall only applies to specific lots of METFORMIN XL (not regular Metformin). If you take Metformin XL, we advise you to contact your pharmacy to see if your lot is affected. Our office is unfortunately not privy to the specifics of which manufacturer or lot you may have received.

Secondly, Metformin itself does NOT cause cancer. There are certain bulking agents (the part used to make the tablet you take) that contain a chemical called NDMA. It is unknown how much NDMA is a safe level for humans, hence the voluntary recall on this form of the medication.

Third, please do not stop taking your medications. Talk to your pharmacy to see if your medication is affected. If so, they may issue you a different manufacturer’s medication or they will contact us to change to an immediate release form of Metformin. However, it’s very important to keep your medication regimen consistent in order to effectively treat the symptoms of diabetes.

Lastly, we understand that some people will want more information. The FDA website is a great resource for details regarding medication recalls including this one. Click here for additional information on this situation.

As always, thank you for supporting us at Family Practice Center, PC. It is a complete honor and pleasure to have your trust. As always, we love partnering with you in the pursuit of health and happiness. For more information, please contact Family Practice Center today.