preventive medicineWe want to welcome everyone to our ongoing health and wellness spotlight feature of the month blog series. For anyone unfamiliar, we use these blog posts to help readers get better acquainted with a specific health concern or service we provide, in order to better understand the role it plays in maintaining long-term wellness. This month, we wanted to focus on the importance of preventive medicine. Keep reading for all the details on what makes preventive medicine such a critical aspect of what we do.

Preventive medicine is a broad term that can apply to many different areas of treatment and healthcare service. In a general sense, preventive medicine is intended to help keep people feeling their best by taking a preemptive approach to health. In most cases, the best way to treat a health issue is to stop it from ever occurring. Additionally, preventive medicine can help identify health problems like high blood pressure, certain forms of cancer, thyroid issues, and diabetes as they are developing and still in their most treatable stages.

Here at Family Practice Center, our preventive medicine services include performing common immunizations (including travel vaccinations), methods for pain management and prevention (including acupuncture), and much more. We offer weight management services with Dr. Leah Macklin at our practice location in Cumming.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide each of our patients with a customized approach to preventive medicine based on their lifestyle and needs. We offer comprehensive complete physical wellness exams, meant to address a wide variety of areas including preventive screening tests and discussions of each patient’s unique issues, concerns, and wellness goals. These annual appointments serve as an important baseline of a person’s health from year to year and are critical in preventing and detecting many of the most common and potentially serious health issues facing adults.

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