healthcare providers near me, family practice Atlanta GA, family medicine Atlanta GA, flu shots Atlanta, best urgent careHere at Family Practice Center, everything we do is a team effort. Our entire medical staff, from our healthcare providers and office team and everyone in-between, works in concert in an effort to provide the very best care possible to every patient we see. With this in mind, we wanted to take some time to highlight the contributions and accomplishments of one of our providers, Laura Holmes, medical scribe.

Laura is originally from Powder Springs, Georgia. She has been at Family Practice Center for over three years. After years of dabbling in other career areas including serving as a Senior Sales Associate at RadioShack sales (where she was voted employee of the month for ten consecutive months), and a few years at a local accounting firm, Laura found her way to healthcare. Laura works with Dr. James Wheeler as a medical scribe. For anyone who isn’t sure what that means, to put it simply, a scribe helps a doctor by taking diligent notes during appointments with patients.

When an appointment has concluded, Laura converts her notes into data and enters them into our medical record system. This allows Dr. Wheeler to be more present when interacting with patients and helps create a more efficient workflow in the office. Part of Laura’s duties also entail monitoring the results of different diagnostic tests including blood tests, x-rays, and CT scans in order to help expedite the process of getting test results to our patients.

Laura brings a unique passion for learning and research to our practice. She prides herself on learning something new every day and seeing the difference that medical care can make in the lives of our patients. When she’s not at work, Laura is usually trying to learn a new language (she is fluent in German, proficient in Italian and French, and has dabbled in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and Russian). She’s also passionate about music.

Perhaps most impressively, Laura was recently admitted into Mensa after clearing the standardized testing requirement for entry. Mensa is an organization dedicated to promoting and fostering human intelligence by identifying people with especially high IQs. In order to qualify for Mensa, members must score in the top 2% of the general population on an accepted standardized intelligence test. It’s no wonder Laura is so great at her job.

We are very proud of Laura and also incredibly grateful for all the excellent work she does in the service of our patients. For more information on our amazing providers or to schedule an appointment today, please contact Family Practice Center. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter for additional tips, news, practice updates, and more.