Welcome to the latest entry in our Family Practice Center Spotlight Testimonial series, where we focus on the positive impact that our healthcare providers have been able to make in the lives of our patients. We always love to hear back from patients we have helped in the past. This month, our spotlight patient is Nicholas, who came to Family Practice Center seeking relief from his chronic headaches and the nausea they were causing.

family medicine Atlanta, best doctors Atlanta, GA, urgent care near me, severe headaches treatment, doctors office AtlantaChronic headaches are a common issue for adults. While many headaches can be treated with simple pain meds, some people may deal with serious, persistent headaches that can dramatically alter their quality of life.

Before he came into our office, Nicholas said he was waking up every morning feeling sick. This was taking a serious toll on his quality of life, not to mention his responsibilities at work and at home where he is married with two young children. Although he was hesitant to come visit us at first, having not been to a doctor’s office in 15 years, his wife made him an appointment after learning that we did several diagnostic tests in our office to help get to the root of our patient’s health concerns.

Nicholas’ wife was drawn to Family Practice Center due to our outstanding reputation for patient care. Our goal is with every patient is to perform a thorough diagnosis and determine the most helpful treatment path available. It’s safe to say, Nicholas did not leave disappointed:

“Dr. Wheeler treated me like I was his patient for years. He took a genuine concern for my well-being. Everyone in the office was always polite and very helpful. The nurses and assistants were always willing and able to answer any questions I had. Seeing Dr. Wheeler has improved my quality of life without a doubt. With one simple prescription, he ended something I through for almost two years. I cannot say enough good things about Family Practice Center.”

We want to thank Nicholas, his wife, and all of our other amazing patients who have taken the time to leave us a testimonial over the years. If you would like to leave a testimonial of your own or schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare providers, contact Family Practice Center. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional testimonials, tips, news, and more.