Welcome to the latest entry in our ongoing Family Practice Center Spotlight Testimonial series. We share these testimonial blogs to bring attention to patients we have seen in the past and how their time at Family Practice Center was able to make a positive impact on their lives. This month, our spotlight patient is Robert, a Family Practice Center patient of 20 years whose life was changed after one especially impactful appointment with Dr. James Wheeler.

quit smoking, family practice near me, preventative care atlanta, annual physical exam, chantix atlanta gaRobert is 62-years old and is very proactive about maintaining his health and wellness. He never misses an annual physical appointment and actually comes to see us every 6 months. Robert is an active individual who enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, playing golf, and going on daily walks. Last March he saw Dr. James Wheeler for a flexible sigmoidoscopy (colon exam). During the visit, Dr. Wheeler asked Robert “Are you ready to stop smoking? I am here to help you however I can”. That day, Robert decided that after 45 years of smoking, he WAS ready. 

Dr. Wheeler prescribed Robert to Chantix and he has been smoke-free for one year. His wife followed his lead and she has also been smoke-free for one year. Preventative care is important. During the visit, Dr. Wheeler spoke with Robert about prevention, triggers that led to him smoking, and smoking cessation. Over the past year without cigarettes, Robert’s overall health and life expectancy have improved dramatically.

For anyone who is currently having issues quitting smoking, preventative tips like throwing away smoking paraphernalia like lighters and ashtrays, hanging out with other non-smokers, and changing your routine to avoid other activities that you might associate with smoking (including drinking) may be able to help.

It’s always such a pleasure to hear back from patients like Robert who we’ve been able to help in the past. Despite moving over 2 hours away a couple years ago, Robert still makes the drive to Family Practice Center for his twice yearly appointments due to the level of care that he has experienced. That’s obviously something we are very grateful for.

We want to take a moment to thank Robert and all of the other Spotlight Patients who have taken some of their time to share their stories with us. Our healthcare providers work with our patients to develop treatment plans based on the needs and preferences of each individual person. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare providers today, please contact Family Practice Center. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional testimonials, tips, updates, and more.