Has screening for Hepatitis C been mentioned to you recently by a provider?

This is due to recently developed antiviral medications that can treat Hepatitis C effectively with few side effects. Thus, it is now recommended that anyone born between the years of 1945-1965 have a one-time screening. It is also recommended for people with risk factors including history of blood transfusions, history of illicit injection or intranasal drug use, history of dialysis, HIV positive patients, history of a needle stick injury, or those with evidence of liver disease.

The Initial Hepatitis C Screening is Easy and Covered by Insurance

The initial screening is very easy with a blood test for HCV antibodies. This test is covered under all insurance plans if you meet the screening criteria. It is highly recommended that you have this done if you fit into any of the above categories to avoid potential cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease. People with HCV are often asymptomatic until significant damage has already occurred to their liver.

If you qualify for screening based on the above information or you think you might be at risk, make an appointment today to be screened!  We have doctors that covered many different areas of mediciine and know that Family Practice Center is the right place for you and your family from preventative care to sports medicine we cover it all.