family practice center atlanta gaHere at Family Practice Center, nothing is more important to us than the health, happiness, and satisfaction of our patients. Our goal isn’t just to aid our patients with our wide variety of family medicine services but to provide a professional and comfortable atmosphere that helps put our patients at ease. Perhaps this is why so many of our patients have been coming back to see us for years and years. To help show the difference that our top-level of family care can make in the lives of our patients, we wanted to present some firsthand family medicine testimonials we are honored to have received.

“Dr. Wheeler and his team are second to none. Mitchell has changed my life with his dedication to my health and allowing me to be an active participant in the process. Dr. Wheeler and everyone else I have met have treated me like a human and not just a patient. I will continue to come here for as long as they will have me. Thank God after all these years I finally don’t fear going to the doctor’s anymore. Thank you Family Practice Center. Five stars!”

  • Austin P.

“The staff is awesome and very friendly! The lab is right in the office so you don’t need to go anywhere else to have your lab testing done. Dr. Schramm is great! He addressed all my questions and explained everything. He doesn’t rush through the appointment! Great practice!”

  • Nolan S.

“I had the best experience with Dr. Barnes while she helped me adjust my diabetes medications. She’s so thorough and is trying to make better changes for my long-term health. You can’t ask for a better practice than this! They are the top of the line and I truly appreciate her taking me seriously.”

  • Shavonn R.

“Dr. Tyler Wheeler is wonderful! He’s passionate and kind; always very open and addresses any and all concerns that I have regarding my health. This is a fantastic (and fast!) practice!”

  • Jaelyn J.

“I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Vo to be your primary care provider. He’s kind, attentive, and listens to you. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Vo. My entire family has switched to him. Also, this office is great, extremely clean, and has free parking. The staff is amazing too. Thanks to you all for taking care of me and my family on all our visits.”

  • Miguel A.

“I have been seeing Dr. Macklin for almost two years and she is just the best! She is so caring and sweet. She is the only doctor I will go to!”

  • Janie R.

“I have been in the healthcare business for two decades, selling advanced software systems. In my experience, it is rare to hear about great customer service in any sector of the industry. I have never left the Family Practice Center with a feeling of not being heard or rushed through the process just to get on to the next patient/payment. At every level, from the moment I am greeted at the front desk to each interaction with the practitioners, techs, nurses, PAs, docs and even the dreaded phlebotomist, I feel like I’m the only patient in the office. No question is off limits, charges are thoroughly explained, online/portal communication is always “same day”, regardless of how busy they are. It is with the highest degree of sincerity that I wholeheartedly recommend Family Practice Center on behalf of my entire family.”

  • Jim Y.

Receiving this level of positive feedback means so much to our family medicine providers. We want to take a moment to thank all of our patients who have taken the time to share their stories with us over the years. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, please contact Family Practice Center. You can also forget to follow us on Facebook for additional testimonials, health tips, news, and much more.