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Unlike most public spaces, including grocery stores and pharmacies, we are screening everyone who comes into our office for infectious symptoms. Patients with fever, cough, and known Coronavirus exposure are NOT being seen in our office.

Can you say the same about the people standing next to you in line at the store?

We are also taking great care to keep our common areas exceptionally clean. The environment at Family Practice Center is one of the most safe and low risk places you can be. While we are temporarily expanding our telemedicine services during this crisis, there is no substitute for the quality of care that we provide in person. Our patients are much less likely to acquire infections or experience complications from other medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc. if we are able to practice the highest quality, evidenced based medicine. That kind of optimal health care service is absolutely best provided in our office, not via phone or Telemedicine.

We remain committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients in a friendly, clean and safe environment. We look forward to serving you in our office during this coronavirus crisis and beyond.