Could someone you know have ADD? Maybe they’re impulsive, inattentive or disorganized. People with inattention may procrastinate, may not complete tasks like homework or chores, or may frequently move from one uncompleted activity to another. They might have a hard time paying attention to details and tend to make careless mistakes. They may have difficulty staying on topic while talking and listening to others and have difficulty following social rules. They may also be forgetful about daily activities (for example: forgetting appointments, neglecting to pack a lunch, etc.)

Inattentiveness and impulsivity are key behaviors in ADD. It is normal to have some inattention during focused activity, but in ADD it is more severe, occurs more often, and interferes with or reduces quality of social function and job activities.

While there is no cure for ADD, current treatments available at Family Practice Center can reduce symptoms and improve functioning. The medications are safe when used as directed by providers.  We are able to direct treatment and monitor therapy. Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit by an assessment and evaluation for ADD.