Happy New Year, everyone! The start of the new year offers so much promise and possibility. Making an appointment for an annual wellness check-up early this year can be an excellent place to start for anyone who made a resolution to be more proactive about their overall health and wellbeing this year.

A lot can change in a year in regard to our health. Your annual check-up can provide a great opportunity to gain a clear picture of your health status and understand what alterations you can make to your lifestyle in order to change yourself for the better. That’s why our healthcare providers have taken some time to highlight some of the top reasons to come in for a check-up early this year:

  • An annual check-up can help diagnose and prevent potential illnesses.
  • It allows you and your healthcare provider to discuss and review any changes to your health that you have noticed since your last appointment. This can include potential lumps for women concerned about breast cancer, recent muscle aches, changes to your hearing and vision, and more.
  • Diagnostic testing to gauge vital health measures including body mass index (BMI), cholesterol, blood pressure, and more (as well as hearing and vision tests) will be performed.
  • Your annual check-up can help you keep tabs on your vaccinations including tetanus, hepatitis, varicella, and more depending on your previous immunization history.
  • This appointment can be a great chance to rekindle the relationship between you and your primary care doctor.
  • Now is the time to discuss any issues or concerns you have pertaining to your health and wellbeing. This can range from topics like diet and nutrition to aches and pains or behavioral changes you have been experiencing and everything in between.

If you are serious about taking charge of your health this year, scheduling your annual check-up is the best way to get off on the right foot. For more information please contact Family Practice Center or click here to schedule your appointment. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional health tips, news, photos, and more.