Many parents have questions about when is the appropriate time to transition their child’s care from the pediatrician to the primary care setting. The answer to this question is that this is a highly individualized choice that a parent and a child must make together. We wanted to give parents and kids out there more information about our practice to see if transitioning is the appropriate choice for them.

Our providers are trained in “family practice” which means they have had extensive training in all age groups from birth and on. They are happy and comfortable to see kids for both healthy and sick visits. Several of our providers are also in their 30s and many of our younger patients are more comfortable seeing someone closer to their age group and find them easier to relate to. As children move into the teenager age group, a lot of times they no longer feel comfortable with the toys and the bright colors of the pediatrician’s office. A lot of teenagers have physical and mental health concerns that they would feel more comfortable with addressing in the setting of a more
adult focused office.

We want to let our established or potential new patients know Family Practice Center is ready and happy to see these teenagers and younger children as well. A lot of times it makes the transition from high schooler to healthy college student and adult easier if they have had the same health care provider following them and caring for them since their teen years. They can develop a rapport and comfort level with a provider that helps them approach some of the challenging issues that can arise in young adulthood.