Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Atlanta
As family healthcare specialists, the providers at Family Practice Center, PC, are proponents of an active lifestyle as an essential part of maintaining good health. Our doctors recommend organized sports, aerobic exercises and workouts that activate a variety of muscle groups.

Both lifelong athletes and people who have just begun a new activity are vulnerable to injury. There is always the risk of falls, sprains, broken bones, and more. However, the trusted physicians at Family Practice Center provide personalized sports medicine treatments to help patients successfully recover from activity-related injuries and ailments.

Our sports medicine division is consistently trusted by athletes due to the team of talented orthopedic and sports doctors who evaluate the specific needs of each patient and alleviate the frustrations of injury. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures, we can address a wide scope of sports-related injuries. With same-day and walk-in appointment options available Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings, we are a reliable source for recovery and injury prevention.

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