**Check back to our blog for regular updates as more information becomes available** 

The Coronavirus situation continues to evolve rapidly, and we are trying to present the most helpful, current information possible as it becomes available. The most important thing is to remember to keep calm, stay kind, and be smart. Panicking will only make this worse.

The number of cases is going to increase, especially as more tests are performed. Please expect to see this and know that the global health community is anticipating this and they are preparing for this inevitability.

We are unsure if, when, and how the mobile screening stations that the President discussed in his address on Friday will be set up and operational.

Since testing accessibility is still quite poor at the moment, it is being limited to those with symptoms and those at the highest risk. Specifically, those who will likely require hospitalization to manage their symptoms. Generally, this refers to people over age 60 and/or those with underlying lung, heart, kidney, immune diseases, or cancer. 

To reiterate a few more important points of emphasis:

  • Please remember that the vast majority of otherwise healthy people who are infected will recover from the virus within 5-7 days. 
  • Testing will not shorten the course of your illness or symptoms.
  • Additionally, showing up at a healthcare facility looking to get tested will increase your risk of infection and the risk of exposing others (including healthcare workers). 
  • This can also divert critical resources from other patients who need them. 


As far as what you can do now to keep yourself and others safe, practicing social distancing and good hygiene are our best bets for slowing the progression of this virus. So wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water (for 20 seconds) and wipe down surfaces after use (as well as other frequently used items like phones, keys, and remotes). The virus cannot survive without new places to live and multiply. The more chances we give it to pass between people, the more likely it is to continue to be a serious problem. That’s why social distancing is so critical. Even people with no current symptoms can be potentially carrying the virus for up to 5 days and can potentially infect others.

If you are feeling poorly, stay home and try to manage your symptoms. Maintain a self-quarantine for 72 hours, even after your symptoms have resolved. If you feel like you are unable to manage your symptoms at home, please contact your local emergency department (or doctor’s office) for instructions regarding evaluation and treatment (do not just show up at a healthcare facility without calling to notify them first).

Contacts for Atlanta area patients:
Piedmont Healthcare – (866) 460-1119
The Emory TravelWell Clinic – (404) 686-5885

To help keep up social distancing, we are offering Telemedicine appointments with our staff. In-person appointments will remain available, but Telemedicine offers an outstanding and safe option that will be able to assist many of our patients. Please contact Family Practice Center today for more information or to schedule a Telemedicine or in-person appointment today. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates and news.