As licensed healthcare providers, there is nothing we at Family Practice Center take more seriously than the health and wellbeing of our patients. It is our highest priority to provide the best-possible care and counsel to every patient we meet with, regardless of the nature of their appointment. With this in mind, it’s always incredibly rewarding to hear back from people that we have been able to help in the past in the form of a firsthand Family Practice Center testimonial.

Family Practice Center Spotlight Testimonial GeorgeWhen our spotlight patient, George, first came to our office, he was considerably overweight and heading towards retirement. Although he was not experiencing any significant or life-threatening health problems at that time, his weight put him at risk of developing potentially serious conditions including diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and more. Dr. James Wheeler and George worked together to develop a lifestyle regimen to help George shed a significant amount of weight to improve his overall quality of life. Below is George’s firsthand account of how working with Dr. Wheeler and Family Practice Center has impacted his life:

Dr. Wheeler,

I want to thank you again for your care last year. I did not realize how great I would feel after a 65-pound weight loss! It has been surreal to leave my “fat guy” behind for my first year of retirement. I am more active than I have been in decades. I feel better; I sleep better. When you said during my annual physical in 2017 (when speaking about my weight), “I can help you with that when you are ready”, I did not realize the impact this would have. My weight loss has changed the quality of my retirement.

Again, thank you for your help.  It took me a while to respond to your soft suggestions that I would be happier if I eliminated the extra weight I was carrying. You were persistent, and I finally listened. It has dramatically improved the quality of my life.

Thanks for your care and patience with me. I am now a big cheerleader for you and your practice.

– George

We want to thank George and all the other patients who have reached out to us and provided testimonials over the years. There is no greater satisfaction as a healthcare provider than to know that we have helped to positively impact the lives of our patients and their families. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact Family Practice Center. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional testimonials, tips, news, and more.