office-visit-deskDuring the Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen an increase in demand for Telemedicine visits. Telemedicine at Family Practice Center allows our patients to consult with our providers from the comfort and safety of their own homes. To help everyone have the best possible experience during their telemedicine appointment, we have provided some simple tips to help patients prepare for their e-visits:

Prepare Your Equipment In Advance

  • Make sure whichever camera and microphone you are using (smartphone, computer, etc.) is fully operational and set to Selfie Mode (facing you)
  • Ensure your volume settings are turned up and that you can hear your doctor (and vice versa)
  • Make sure your devices battery is fully changed before your appointment
  • Close all other applications/apps. This will improve the video quality and reduce battery consumption
  • Connect to a familiar WiFi network to promote a smooth, uninterrupted connection with your doctor
  • Make sure your web browser is updated and supports your online doctors appointment capability

office-visitFind the Right Space to Conduct Your Appointment

  • Find a private, quiet, and well-lit space to set up for your appointment
  • If using a smartphone, use a mobile phone stand on a solid surface to make sure your camera is steady and at eye-level
  • Avoid TV’s, radios, and other household devices that can be distracting during your e-visit
  • If you experience any issues hearing your doctor during the appointment, feel free to plug headphones into your device
  • Set your phone to silent and try to ignore other notifications including texts and calls during your visit

Other Things to Avoid During Your Appointment

  • Do not conduct your Telemedicine visit from a car (needless to say, especially not while driving)
  • Don’t walk or move around during your visit; stay calm and stationary just like you would during an in-office visit
  • Do not conduct your appointment in any public places (an office, restaurant, park, etc.) due to potential noise issues, distractions, privacy concerns and other external factors
  • Do not respond to emails, texts, or other forms of communications during your appointment in order to stay focused and engaged

We hope our patients will find these tips informative and helpful moving forward. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, please contact Family Practice Center or follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter.