Experiencing anxiety is a normal part of life. The stresses of everyday life can cause people to enter an anxious state of mind, bogged down with worry, irritability, and fatigue. The effects of anxiety are even more dramatic for people who suffer from an anxiety disorder like social anxiety or separation anxiety. Anxiety disorders can often lead to prolonged periods of excessive and persistent worry or dread about everyday situations. They can also lead to debilitating issues like panic attacks.

Whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder or you’re just losing sleep over a current work project, it’s important to find a healthy and helpful way to cope with your anxiety. That’s why our healthcare providers have provided tips that may help people manage their symptoms.

Working Through Anxiety by Talking

It’s not helpful or healthy to keep any negative feelings bottled up over a period of time. Even though it may seem challenging, speaking about your anxiety issues can go a long way towards making yourself feel better. Whether you talk with a spouse, a friend, or a counselor, talking can be an excellent tool in the battle against chronic anxiety.

Managing Anxiety with Lifestyle Tweaks

Making simple adjustments to your lifestyle can have a significant impact as well. Eating a healthy diet (low in junk food) and exercising daily can both help reduce anxiety. Getting the recommended 7-9 hours of nightly sleep is also highly beneficial. Certain relaxation and breathing activities like meditation and yoga have been proven to limit anxiety symptoms.

Treating Anxiety with Medication

In many cases, anxiety disorders can be effectively treated with non-habit-forming medications like antidepressants. These medicines are commonly inexpensive and well-tolerated by patients. Since different people respond to medication differently, it can take time and work with your healthcare provider to find the most helpful medication (or medications) for you.

If anxiety is affecting your ability to perform your normal daily activities, there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Regardless of what form of anxiety you may be experiencing, the skilled, experienced healthcare providers here at Family Practice Center can help by evaluating your symptoms and guiding you towards the best-possible treatment plan. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Family Practice Center today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional tips, news, practice updates, and more.