Technology is everywhere today. It’s in our homes, our offices, our cars. More often than not, it’s right there in our hands. It’s easy to feel like we are always “plugged-in” to the world around us. And while these screens unquestionably add a degree of convenience, comfort, and entertainment to our daily lives, it can be difficult for some of us to put our screens away and just decompress for a little while. To help reinforce the health benefits of “unplugging”, the healthcare providers here at Family Practice Center wanted to explain how taking some time away from your technology can improve your health and wellbeing.

how to cut back on screen time, benefits of unplugging, smartphone health risks, mental health tips, how to improve sleepTaking a bit of time off from looking at a screen can help you recharge and avoid burnout after a long day of work or school. This is especially true for people who primarily work from a computer. While being on social media or watching a video on your laptop may seem relaxing compared to work, there are still benefits to letting your mind actually unwind for a bit. Reducing screen time can help reduce stress and anxiety and also promote healthy habits like being more physically active and social with your friends and family. Putting your phone or computer away before bed can also lead to better sleep habits by reducing brain stimuli (light and noise) that can keep you awake at night.

While it may seem easier said than done for some people, there are small ways you can cut back on your daily screen time without drastically changing your routine:

  • Try going for first hour after waking up without using your phone. This can help you focus on the day ahead without getting bogged down.
  • We recommend establishing some designated “no tech” time each day and sticking with it.
  • Prioritize a phone-free bedtime routine to help relax your mind before sleep.

Instead of thinking about how to overhaul your entire relationship to technology, just think of this as a reminder of the benefits that temporary unplugging can provide. Even small, incremental steps can go a long way towards improving your long-term wellness. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, contact Family Practice Center today. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional tips, news, practice updates, and more.