woman-at-desk-rubbing-her-temples-HeadacheA bad headache is no one’s idea of a good time. It’s natural to experience a headache every now and again, but consistent and persistent headaches can become extremely frustrating and challenging to cope with over time. As with any other medical condition or ailment, finding an effective solution for chronic headaches involves determining what is causing them in the first place. The healthcare providers at Family Practice Center have taken some time today to outline some common causes of headaches, as well as some effective available treatment methods for people in need.

There are many different kinds of headaches that all have their own unique causes. This includes migraines (whose root cause can be difficult to determine) and tension headaches, which can be triggered by excessive stress and anxiety. With this in mind, we wanted to discuss a few more universal causes of headaches to be aware of:

  • Dehydration (the most common cause of headaches)
  • Spring allergies or other sinus issues
  • Vision problems
  • Sleep apnea
  • Reactions to certain prescription medications, including heart disease medications and birth control pills
  • Sensory triggers, including bright lights and certain smells
  • Exposure to smoke, including secondhand smoke
  • Drinking alcohol

Medicine is not always recommended for specific headaches. Depending on the type of headache you’re experiencing, our family healthcare providers can help develop a treatment plan that will deliver meaningful results that are specific to your headache. In some cases, this can mean a tweak to your diet or other lifestyle adjustments. For some people, our integrative wellness treatments like acupuncture can provide immense relief. And sometimes, we may offer a combination of things that can make a positive difference.

The sooner that the root cause of your headache issue is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin and the sooner you can experience the relief that you deserve. For more information on our family medicine services or to schedule an appointment at our seven metro Atlanta area locations (including our brand newest locations in Buckhead and Johns Creek), please contact the Family Practice Center today. Stay up to date on our blog posts for more health and wellness tips, news, and so much more.