woman-stretches-on-beachHere at Family Practice Center, we are passionate about the power and importance of preventive medicine. Being proactive and living a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for helping a person maintain long-term health and wellness. Although the number on your scale is not the only measure of health, establishing and maintaining a healthy body weight is one important factor to preventing and treating health concerns. Today we wanted to discuss why lifestyle management is so critical, and provide details on some of the weight management services that we offer.

There is an established link between a person’s body weight and many of the most common health issues for American adults. This includes heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. An optimal lifestyle as well as healthy body weight can help regulate the amount of strain put on the heart and lower the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues. Additionally, an unhealthy weight can also increase a person’s risk of developing arthritis, sleep issues, certain forms of cancer, and mental health concerns like depression and anxiety.

Lifestyle changes are the arguably best way to modify not only weight, but also improve sleep, mood, and so many other health goals. With this in mind, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new weight management series, Weight Loss for Optimal Health. Hosted by Dr. Leah Macklin & Plant-Based Health Coach, Shobha Swamy. This 4-week series will provide 20 patients the opportunity to learn and demonstrate better weight management habits from proven experts in the field. Each class will run Tuesday mornings from 7:30am – 9am at our practice location in Cumming, beginning August 9th through 30th.

Contact us at groupvisit@familypracticecenterpc.com or 470-215-1920 for more information on fees, any questions, or to reserve your spot today!

Additionally, if you are interested in medications to support weight loss, most of our providers also offer other weight management treatments and services for our patients. If appropriate, we can prescribe treatments such as semaglutide, an injectable medication used to help people safely manage their weight and lower the risk of weight-related health problems. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, semaglutide and other medications can be an incredibly powerful weight management tool. It has proven powerful as a treatment method for people with type 2 diabetes as well.

Here at Family Practice Center, we believe deeply in full body wellness and weight management is an incredibly important part of this mission. If you feel like you need some assistance in this area and would like to consult with our experts or sign up for our weight loss clinic, contact Family Practice Center at one of our four Atlanta area locations (Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming). Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for additional practice updates, health tips, news, and much more.