Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine Atlanta
Helping patients achieve and maintain optimum health is our mission for preventive medicine at Family Practice Center PC. Preventative care improves vitality, energy, appearance and decreases the potential risk of disease development.

Our staff of board-certified family medicine physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are experts in the specialty field of preventive medicine. We have developed a detailed program that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, which includes information on how to develop and maintain positive health habits. We aim to help guide patients, so they can recognize and avoid risks of disease and injury. Patients will learn how to practice weight management coupled with medication, exercise to support a lifestyle change and promote personal accountability.

Our preventive medicine specialists at Family Practice Center evaluate each patient’s health history, lifestyle habits, workplace risks, and then design a plan that addresses how they can achieve and maintain their overall health with realistic goals and minimal disruption.

Preventative Medicine Programs

  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Immunizations

Best Practices for Health in the Workplace

  • Pre-emptive practices to minimize exposure or effects from chemicals or workplace toxins
  • Recommendations for tools and equipment to minimize injury
  • Information about repetitive motion injury
  • How to detect and treat carpel tunnel syndrome

Health and Safety Recommendations for leisure activities

  • Best practices for training to avoid injury
  • Recommendations for cross-training opportunities to enhance performance
  • Techniques to reduce pain during activities
  • Evaluation of lifestyle habits to help you optimize your capability

Preventive Medicine FAQs:

How will I know what specific travel immunizations I will need before my trip?

The necessary immunizations required for travel depend on what country and region you are visiting. In some cases, these vaccinations will only be recommended. In others, they will be fully required in order to travel. Thankfully, our preventive medicine experts will be able to provide these answers depending on the specifics of each patient’s trip.

How do weight management services work? 

Our weight management services are designed to help our patients achieve a stable and healthy body weight by adjusting certain lifestyle habits. This includes nutrition and dietary guidance, help developing an exercise regimen, and more. All weight management services are available at our weight management clinic at our Cumming location.

Do pain control techniques really work?

In some cases, non-invasive pain control techniques can be incredibly effective for helping people who experience chronic pain. In addition to offering pain control treatments and recommendations, our healthcare professionals can also help identify the root cause of a person’s issue in order to find a more long-term solution.

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