Lindsay FPC SpotlightHere at Family Practice Center, we try to stress the importance of mental health to our patients. A person’s mental health is every bit as important as their physical health when it comes to achieving and maintaining long-term wellness. That’s why we wanted to use this month’s Spotlight Testimonial to tell the story of Lindsay, one of our patients who was suffering from high anxiety before coming to Family Practice Center.

Lindsay’s nervous condition was putting an extraordinary strain on her mental and physical wellbeing. Her anxiety was leading to panic attacks as well as a condition known as unmanageable excoriation disorder that led to her to excessively pick at her skin. “I felt like I was spinning out of control and I needed help.”

Due to the nature of her symptoms, Lindsay came to Family Practice Center because she felt that she needed a healthcare provider with a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Over the course of a year, Dr. James Wheeler and Lindsay developed a medication regimen to help ease her anxiety and skin picking. Needless to say, the treatment has been an incredible success.

“I feel like an entirely new person due to the progress I have made with Dr. Wheeler. Since I have gotten a hold of my anxiety, I quit a job that brought me no joy and went back to school to pursue my passion for nursing. I have a steady relationship, my friendships are more solid, and I don’t make many impulsive decisions anymore. I am overall a better, happier version of myself.”

We are so happy to hear that Lindsay is now doing so much better and pursuing her passion in nursing. We want to take a moment to thank Lindsay and all of our other Spotlight Patients who have taken the time to share their stories with us. If you experience anxiety, our healthcare providers can help by working to develop a treatment plan to best assist you healthily managing your condition. For more information or to schedule an appointment today (or a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Tyler Wheeler), please contact Family Practice Center. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional testimonials, tips, news, and more.